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Carrie's Transcription

Welcome to Carrie's Transcription

Hello! I am a certified transcriptionist helping families and businesses preserve their stories. I specialize in helping individuals and families who want to record their history while they have the health to do so. I'm also passionate about transcribing for creatives such as content creators. American English is my first language, and my services are available to everyone around the world.

My Services

Transcription for Content Creators

I am passionate about helping content creators share their stories. Being part of both communities, I am particularly equipped to work with creators on the queer and neurodivergent spectrums. I handle the unique needs of these individuals and ensure that their stories are accurately transcribed.

Transcription for Family Stories

I offer transcription services for families who want to document their legacies for future generations. I'm dedicated to helping families preserve their history in clear, written records.

Business Transcription Services

I provide transcription services for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need to transcribe interviews, meetings, or other business-related content, I can help.

Academic Transcription Services

I offer transcription services for students and academics who need to transcribe lectures, interviews, and other academic content. I am experienced in handling technical and specialized language.

Cotton Flowers



I trained at Transcribe Anywhere, an online transcription school approved by the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers.

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